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Sophisticated Coloring





Large books full of these types of designs were donated to the library by the artist's sister. She has also granted permission for several of these designs to be distributed via the Teen Programs Tinker Tank website.


1.  Before planning the program, I asked about 24 Teen Advisory Board members if they thought that coloring would be a fun program. After seeing the intricate designs on large paper, the answer was a unanimous, "Yes!" Download and print these coloring sheets. Cover your tables with paper (especially if you are making markers available). Pile the tables with art supplies, play some music, and let the teens get to know each other while using the right side of their brains.


2.  Ambitious groups may want to make their own community coloring book. Choose a theme, collect entries from teens, print and distribute. Advertise for the library by distributing the coloring books to waiting rooms throughout the community.


Downloadable Coloring Sheets:

     *created for 11x17 inch paper 



Color-boats-balloons.doc                  Color-circles.doc  




 Color-flowers.doc                            Color-underwater.doc











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